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For  AIAG & VDA FMEA training delivered on-site at your organization, a one (1) day add-on Application Coaching Workshop service is available (i.e. facilitated development of a partial FMEA based on the Implementation Plan). 

If you're interested in on-site training,  Contact Plexus International.




Automotive Industry Action Group

4400 Town Center
Southfield, MI 48075-1104 USA    

Open-enrollment AIAG & VDA FMEA Transition Training registration is now open, with additional online, and open-enrollment training coming soon! Let us notify you with upcoming training dates, and when additional course registration is available.

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Plexus International is a Certified Global Provider for AIAG Quality Products and Services.

Open-enrollment, instructor-led training 
will be held at AIAG training facilities, but you can also schedule on-site training at your organization.

Plexus International is a Certified Global Provider for AIAG Quality Products and Services.